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travel tips

Travel Tips for your trip to Nepal

The best time to visit Nepal

Nepal's climate is influenced by the southwest monsoon, which originates in the Bay of Bengal. He starts from mid June to late September. In the monsoon season are all activities determined by the rain, why is the best time for trekking from October to May, when the sky klar.In this time there is a rule with only occasional rain showers, so you have a wonderful view of the landscape and have the 8000 like the Annapurna, Fishtail or Mount Everest.     Image

For entry, a passport is required for at least another half a year must be valid. In addition, they need a tourist visa that you can leave home or exhibit at the border.

Information on health and vaccinations at a Nepal trip:
For Nepal, there is no specific and compulsory vaccinations. However, care should be taken before departure that the standard vaccinations are refreshed for long distance travel. A visit to the doctor before the trip is information that is necessary and what is not.


Tetanus every ten years to refresh
Diphtherie every ten years to refresh
Typhus widespread in Nepal, a vaccine is needed
Polio check with the doctor
Hepatitis A/B is usually transmitted via contaminated water, refresh every ten years

Water should be only drunk from sealed bottles in Nepal. For the preparation of tea or coffee in any case, boiled water should be used. The drinking of tap water from wells and are therefore an absolute taboo.
Purification tablets continue to provide additional protection from possible diarrhea.
Perform first aid kit with their essential medication. Especially medicines for diarrhea and infection, pain relievers and antibiotics may not hurt you. Also sufficient bandages and plaster, you should make. Especially in the high mountain regions of Nepal, there are no hospitals or other medical care.

Buisness hours:

Saturday is the weekly day of rest in Nepal. Only embassies and international organizations are doing at the weekend two days. Some shops also close to the national holiday. Authorities are Sunday through Thursday 10-17 and Friday open clock to 15 clock. Banks to open 10 to 14 clock, even on Fridays they close at 12 clock. The opening times of shops are from about 9:00 bis 20:00 clock. However, it may be in touristic centers ever be closed until 22:00 clock shops.

Shopping in Nepal:

Nepal, particularly Kathmandu is a shopper's paradise. In Thamel, the tourist center of Kathmandu, the masses lined by souvenir shops. Here you will find also a number of trekking shops. From Dauenenschlafsack on Dauenenjacken, trekking and other trekking trousers article - here you can completely equipped for their trekking trip. Above all things trek in Pokhara is a great shopping experience.
But as wonderful pashmina - wool and silk scarves gegeistern especially the female tourists.
Get ready for a big, beautiful, colorful, exotic offer!

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