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Jungle Safari
Dschungel Safari

Jungle-Safari in Nepal

Adventure in the Jungle of Nepal with animals

Chitwan National Park

Within the borders of the Chitwan National Park there are 6 premier jungle resorts scattered thorughout the park. These secluded resorts offer the best ways to experience the true safari atmosphere of Chitwan. As all the jungle activities are just a step away, there's always a chance of observing the animalsat close quarters. All The resorts provide a unique Jungle experience, they all provide excerlent accomadation in individual cabins with private bath or well-appointed luxury tents.
There is also accommodation on the edge of the park in the form of well equipted guest houses. From here you can experience the jungle from the back of an elephant or in a canoe srounded by crocodiles. weather from inside or from the edge the Chitwan always provides an exciting adventure.

Baby elephant are playing....

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve is located in the extreme southwest of the country and covers an area of some 305 sq km (including expansion area), It ranges in height from 90m to over 270m above sea leavel. The vegetation within the reserve is estimated to be about two-thirds forest and one-third forest grassland. The Suklaphanta grassland is probably the largest expance of ​​such a habatit in Nepal. Over 26 species of mammals live in the reserve.The majority of the park consists mostely of unspoiled natural habatit, especially in the hill regions.
The reserve provides a clear wndow out of which you can explore the wildlife and people of this mysterious and unexplored . Here the explorers soul really comes to fruition. Our knowledge about the birds and animals is the still growing and perhaps there is even a chance to make a new discovery!

Rhinos eat leafs

Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is smaller than the Chitwan, however the wildlife and biodiversity isjust as exciting as the same exotic animals inhabit the park. Since Bardia is more isolated than Chitwan there tends to be are fewer resorts and less visitors.This reomteness tends increases the tension of the adventure of discovering the jungle.
Whether you visit the Bardia or Chitwan National Park - the jungle activities are almost the same in both parks in terms of the type of activties and the quality of what you will experience. so weather you are riding on the back of one of the good-natured giants or experienceing the jungle on foot - seeing the jungle at first hand and exploring the animal world from the perspective of the animals will be sometinng you will never forget.
Jeep safaris are also possible allowing you to push further and depper into the jungle. weather you decide to walk, ride on an elephfant or take a longer journey with a jeep you will be accompanied by experienced knowledgable guides ensuring you gain the most out of your experience.

Deer in the jungle

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The located in eastern Nepal the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve was established in 1976 and covers some 175 square kilometers. It provides a wildlife refuge and habitat that includes includes a variety of wetlands and other habtiats. The reserve is also home to the water buffalo (called Arna), deer, nilgai, crocodiles, Gangetic dolphins and over 280 species of birds.

Crocodile at dawn

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