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Internal flights in Nepal
Air Tickets

Domestic flights and buses

Travel within Nepals


 Who in Nepal between Kathmandu and Pokhara, Chitwan National Park,
 Wants to commute and Lumbini Nagarkot Pokhara and Chitwan, and between and Sunauli,
 can achieve these goals through good tourist buses. The buses are in a
 Nepal's conditions for good condition and is therefore recommended rather than the
 public buses. However, they are also more expensive than public
 Buses. Tickets must be purchased in Kathmandu and Pokhara with street vendors.
 Seats at the best one to two days in advance booking. The prices of
 Tourist buses are not fixed. Price comparison is worthwhile! by the
 poor road conditions, but it takes a ride often 6 to 12 hours.

Domestic Flights

Faster and much less taxing on the other hand, the domestic flights. due
 The mountainous topography of the bad roads and therefore plays the
 Air traffic within a large role in Nepal. Thus, all major cities
 There are regular flights to Kathmandu. Often, smaller
 Cities are covered if they have an airstrip. On the main
 Trekking routes in cities and regions have numerous private
 Established airlines, more reliable and safer than the
 governmental Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC). Tourist destinations to be
 Peak travel time also served several times a day. Tickets are available in all
 Travel agencies. Prices for domestic flights are 55-120 dollars. as
 it is usually during the flights to VFR flights, it may be in bad
 Weather in considerable delays. You should in their travel planning account.

We organize for you any time book flights within Nepal or
The ride in a bus, whichever you prefer.

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